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The best therapist
has 4 hooves.

"I can honestly say it was the best days riding I have ever had"
Sara, Facebook

Walking Your Horse

I enjoy not only riding but walking in-hand with my horses. I find being on foot with them a wonderful way to further build connections and bonds, whilst at the same time offering more variety and enrichment to our lives together.

Walking our horses in-hand improves and develops groundwork, proving to be hugely beneficial for the young and inexperienced  horse. It's also a stress free way to improve his fitness and enhance an unridden horse’s life. 

I offer in-hand guided trails tailored to suit all levels of ability from the shorter, less strenuous or confidence giving route right through to a full day out with lunch provided.

Taking your horse for a walk isn't as quirky as it may sound, 


Enjoying exploring together


Navigating water crossings


Enjoying a breather on Loughrigg

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