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Bonds are built 
on love and trust.

"What a wonderful afternoon, finishing up with a double rainbow, very special. We will be back !"
Brenda, Facebook


"Horsemanship" is a very broad term and one that can encompass many facets of a horse's training.For me,  it's a style of teaching based around a patient, gentle and positive approach, with a goal of attaining particular results. To see a horse load calmly into a trailer where previously it had fought against doing so, or looking at a nervous, skittish animal develop into a calm, reliable one is very rewarding for many reasons.

Phoenix came into my life initially as a Reiki client, in January 2016. By then he had been through a number  of owners and along the way had been subjected to some quite harsh training methods. 

So it was no surprise that,  given his background, this Welsh Section D had developed into an anxious character who had no trust in humans. 

I've always felt that Phoenix came to me for a reason. His worries, his fears and his reluctance to accept anything that put the slightest pressure on him meant I had to re-think the best way forward to re-build this beautiful lad's confidence, to allow him to cope and enjoy life.

Phoenix's  Story


(An artistic image based on an original photograph)

My knowledge of horsemanship has been increased by attending David Stuart Horse Clinics.  His knowledge and vast experience has certainly helped me, never moreso than when working with my own horse. Employing my new skills in a patient manner has turned a scared horse into one who is now calm and confident.


I'm now able to use the same methods to back and bring on my young mare Emeline. By dedicating time to groundwork training and not rushing any steps, Emeline has been able to learn everything on the ground and now begin to relate them to the saddle. She is proving a very calm, confident and attentive young mare.

Some comments from clients:

  • Our boys are calmer and more responsive to commands and leading

  • I'm becoming more aware of how my energy and body language can block his flow of energy and movement

  • Charlie looks at the trailer as a safe space rather than a place of concern

  • Loading has become a much safer and happier experience for all of us


Phoenix enjoying the sunset


Loading can become simple .......


Emeline's 2nd ride

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