My best friend
doesn't say a word

"Another fab day out with Rachel and Enar - what a great team they are - thanks both."
Susie, Facebook

About Me

I'm Rachel Ardley, an experienced pony trekking guide here in the beautiful Lake District of Cumbria.
I'm a born and bred Cumbrian who's lived her whole life very close to where I now live.
Horses have been a big part of my life since learning to ride at seven years of age.

Having completed school at 18, I went to university to study music - my 2nd great love. 
Sadly I was
bullied which made life less than enjoyable and after a year,  I left. But I had plans - and those plans included horses !
I applied for a number of positions and was accepted by riding stables in Gloppen, Norway.
Working at
Norsk Fjordhestgard intoduced me to many things, including my first taste of guiding. Having been shown the routes, I was soon taking parties out for one or two day trails into the mountains. 

And when it came to leaving Norway I had company in the shape of a beautiful Fjordhorse. Råden had been picked on in the herd and the two of us just bonded. Without doubt he was a very special horse.

These days I can usually be seen on the Cumbrian Fells with Råden's brother  Enar,  as we explore new routes for future trails. 




A very young me with Råden, Norway 2010


Special friends


Making memories


Sun catches the Langdale Pikes